Mural in Kassel, Germany. "Unknown".

June 2017.


Mural in Mexico City, Mexico. "Mexico Dances" (soon a movie and full documentation available).

April 2017.

Curated by Samantha Calderon.


Mural in Agueda, Portugal. "Widows and Widowers".

July 2016.

Curated by Paulina Almeida, special thanks to Yuga Hatta  for his assistance.


Mural for Realco in Warsaw, Poland. 

September 2016.

Special thanks to Sonia Dubois i Sonia Borkowicz for assistance.

muralik raz.jpg
 Proposal I

Proposal I

 Proposal II

Proposal II

Submission for mural competition/Obozowa 65, Warsaw, Poland.