KontenerArt workshop

Here is a small documentation series by Gizela 

It took place is Poznań during a week long workshop with me. We were painting on the walls of my favourite cultural center called KontenerArt.

If you’re ever in Poznan during the summer timeI highly recommend going and checking it out.

I will post a few other series from that time very soon.


< No, decoral didn’t sponsor this. But it should. Especially loving the stick picture. >


What I listen to at 3 am.

Kill me but only now I've discovered Eartha Kitt (what's wrong with me?). YOU NEED TO listen to my top 4 NOW! Obsessed with her voice! But also obsessed with her music videos (!!! "I don't care!) and sense of humor;

"All of the merde that has been thrown on me over the years I use as fertiliser."

>>> And then see and listen to the last one. YES YES YES! ..

and, If you have time, this story is great >  The White House accident <<<